How To Find a Couples Therapist That Specializes in LGBTQ+

Finding a couples therapist nowadays is easier than most people think. If your relationship is struggling for any reason or you just want to improve communication, it’s never a bad idea to seek help from a professional.

But, if you’re in an LGBTQ+ relationship, you might be wondering if things are different.

The quick answer? Yes, and no.

The good news is that it is still typically quite easy to find a couples therapist, no matter your sexual orientation. But, finding one that specializes in LGBTQ+ can be more difficult, especially if you live in a more rural location.

So, what can you do to make sure you’re seeking a therapist that will meet your needs?

Look for Specialties

A quick search online will help you find plenty of couples therapists in your location or nearby. In some cases, a “standard” therapist might meet your needs.

For many LGBTQ+ couples, though, you might want to look for something more specific. Your concerns or relationship struggles might not be familiar with someone who hasn’t actively worked with the community in the past.

So, when you’re searching for the right therapist, one of the first things you should look for is someone who has specialties that reflect your needs and wants.

Have they worked with LGBTQ+ couples before? More importantly, are they equipped to handle your specific needs and concerns? Look for a therapist who has listed those specialties on their website.

What Makes Them Unique?

Working with a therapist that specializes in LGBTQ+ issues or any relationship problems you might be facing is only the first step.

The second is finding someone that stands out.

In doing your research, you’ll likely come across some therapists that appeal to you more than others. Try to notice patterns in traits that you find most interesting and appealing, and it can help you narrow down your search.

The couples therapist you choose needs to be a good fit for you and your partner as individuals and as a couple. All the specialties in the world can’t predict that. But, feeling comfortable with the tone they use in their content, or appreciating the extra mile they’ve gone in sharing information about themselves can make a big difference.

Maybe it’s important to you that they use social media or they have videos on their website. Those might seem like minor details, but if they make you feel more comfortable and informed, they can go a long way in your decision-making process.

While you can absolutely “try out” different therapists, it’s easier to narrow them down ahead of time. Often, that means going with your gut and considering what it is about certain individuals that stand out to you and your partner.

Reach Out Personally

If you’ve narrowed down your search for a couples therapist but can’t seem to decide, don’t be afraid to reach out to those in the running.

Consider emailing a therapist you’re interested in. Ask more about their specialties and consider giving a brief background of your relationship. They’ll be able to get back to you with more information and a clearer picture of what you can expect from your sessions. Often, that makes it easier to come up with a final decision.

If you’re in an LGBTQ+ relationship, working with a therapist who understands you as an individual and as a couple is important. Don’t wait until your relationship feels like it’s on the rocks to get help from couples therapy.

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